We Can Help You With:

 Checking and detecting leaks of refrigerant in your auto Air Con
 Changing or refilling the oil and refrigerant (134a) in your Air Con
 Bacterial  / Odour Removal Treatment (Smelly AC system)
 Replacement of  auto Air Conditioning system parts
 Inject UV DYE to catch future leaks On Time
 Pressure test on your air conditioning system
 Safety Recovery of your old refrigerant and Refill with a new one

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We Do For YOU:

 We Come to Your Car at Home or Your Workplace
 We Provide a Complete Mobile Service
 We Offer a Full 7 Day Service at the Time Most Convenient to You
 Full Vision Inspection, Temperature and Leak Check
 Air and Moisture Evacuation
 Servicing to Meet or Exceed OE Standard
 Air Conditioning Pipe Repairs
 Telephone and Email Support

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